Our value proposal for our customers

For the tenant, serviced offices mean freedom from a multiannual commitment and the ability to flexibly adjust the office space to the current requirements. Regardless of the type of lease, Loftmill gives you a better option than the traditional forms of office lease. Flex office is not only an office space dedicated solely to your business, but also includes fast and redundant Internet access, conference rooms, reception desk, kitchens, as well as cleaning and utilities included in the price. Most importantly, you only pay for the office space that you actually use. Flexibility is the common denominator for all our services.

Flexible spaces

Each of our offices is designed to meet a variety of customer needs. The smallest ones allow two people to work comfortably, while the largest ones may be adapted to any number of employees. Our customers arrange the space according to their needs and preferences. Thanks to our trusted office equipment suppliers, we have uninterrupted access to all the assets necessary to quickly reorganize each of our office spaces.

Flexible design

Already at the stage of designing our spaces we take into account the possible needs of future tenants. Consequently, we’ve implemented a modular design concept. It allows to quickly rearrange the rooms without costly rearrangement of the existing infrastructure.

Flexible computer network

A flexible LAN and WiFi network means more than just a redundant and fast business-grade Internet connection. Flexibility also means that each part of the office may be separated and connected to its own network, with a separate security policy.

Flexible lease

Do you need an office that comes without long-term commitments? Check out our offer. In Poland the typical period of office space lease is 5 years. Loftmill allows companies to sign short-term leases, making it possible for your business to develop more rapidly.

Flat lease rent rates

The lease rent includes all the typical serviced space maintenance services. No additional costs will be added without an express request from the customer.


We support our customers in achieving their business goals, providing them and their employees with original, functional and safe workspaces, taking care of the highest standards and transparency of the processes.


Loftmill is something that we really enjoy doing. We want to create beautiful, fancy and unique offices. We create workspaces without the corporate atmosphere, but still providing completely professional, top-notch infrastructure. In the dynamically changing world we want not only to follow the changes, but also learn from the best and set industry trends.