This package is dedicated to customers combining remote and office work. Combining the surfaces, technology, infrastructure and experts, we’ve created solutions ideal for flexible team working arrangements and efficient completion of tasks. Many companies nowadays implement flexible work arrangements, using modern IT solutions and at the same time still benefiting from using their own office.

#cloudoffice means

#cloudoffice – means…

The #cloudoffice service provides the things necessary for smooth, effective and secure operation of hybrid teams. It allows us to provide a wide range of factors supporting the work of your specialists no matter where they happen to be working.

Serviced offices

Office spaces with modern equipment, offering not only separate rooms to work in, but also reception desks, conference rooms, cafeterias, kitchens and chillout zones.

Server rooms

Space available for customer devices in secure and equipped server rooms operated by Loftmill.

VPN network

Network dedicated to the employees of your company, tailored to their needs.

Quality Internet connection

1000 Mpbs network, meeting the needs of the most demanding customers.

24-hour IT assistance

Our experts will assist you, taking care of the infrastructure, server room and VPN network 24 hours a day.

Additional space

Spare office space is available to you right away, when you urgently need to performs tasks that require working from the office.

Club cards

Free of charge service for Loftmill customers, allowing to use various Loftmill chain offices throughout Poland.

How does #cloudoffice work?

The #cloudoffice service will meet the needs of a hybrid team – operating from the office and from home. This service enables the tenant to use the office space, the size of which may be freely adjusted to their needs. The tenant may also use the Loftmill server rooms to locate their equipment there. A distributed team, consisting of remote employees and office employees works in a separate VPN network. This allows the employees to have permanent access to the company database assets. The continuous availability of the technical infrastructure is taken care of by the technical support team, available 24 hour per day.

Serviced office

Equipment in a secure server room

Serviced office

Technical support team

Home office / Remote Employees

Backup offices


Who is #cloudoffice meant for?

#cloudoffice offer is dedicated to all the tenants who need modern space with up-to-date technical equipment and efficient, redundant Internet connection, that is conducive to teamwork.

#cloudoffice service is most often used by IT sector companies, software houses & web development, start-ups, design offices, but also finance and accounting companies, editorial offices, advertising and PR agencies, media houses and consulting companies.

Why Loftmill?

Both club cards and any other Loftmill service provides you with a better alternative for the traditional forms of office space lease. A flex office means a separate office space for your employees as well as conference rooms, front desk, kitchens, utilities as well as quality and redundant Internet connection and cleaning. What’s the difference? You only pay for the workspaces that you actually use. The Loftmill serviced office gives you freedom from long-term commitments and let you redesign the space according to your current needs.

A separate office, equipped with desks and chairs
Indoor cafeteria
Access to utilities and maintenance services
Access to conference rooms (immediate booking through an online e-office system)
Mineral water supply
Security provided by an alarm and CCTV systems supported by access control systems
Access to phone booths, network printers and scanners
Chillout room to take a break in
Front desk services
Scanners access to a well equipped kitchen with water, coffee, tea and milk
Super-fast, redundant Internet connection
Daily office space cleaning