Coworking – freedom and comfort

Coworking frees your business, as you don’t have to rent an office at all, while you still have guaranteed access to professional technical and social amenities. The difference is that you work at a shared space, using a dedicated desk for as long as you need to.

Coworking simply means renting a desk at a fully work-ready office. It is the best solution for freelancers, sole proprietors or start-ups.

You may work with the necessary tools and conveniences, like printers, scanners, conference rooms, multimedia devices and a reliable Internet connection. Coworking spaces offered by Loftmill also provide kitchens, canteens, cafeterias, chillout zones with comfortable couches and chairs, equipped with TV sets, game consoles and pool tables.

The fees for using the coworking spaces are relatively low, since the customer does not pay for the office or a private office. The customer does not have to make any investments into the office devices and equipment, furniture, Internet connection or coffee-machine – as they are all already included in the price for using the flexible Loftmill spaces.

Space for making new contacts

People who use coworking spaces highly appreciate the networking potential there. Contacts made with other persons working in the same space often result in business success for both parties, and each new relation is an opportunity for personal growth. Working together in the right atmosphere and motivating one another create synergy from which all the people using the office benefit.

Coworking also offers a stylish space where you can invite the customer to present the business offer, give a presentation or training, or to sign a contract.

Loftmill only offers elegant, modern and comfortable spaces. Located at the modern class A office buildings in city centers (Łódź, Kraków, Rzeszów, Wrocław, Lublin and Warszawa) and thus easily accessible.

Your rental fee includes

A separate office, equipped with desks and chairs
Indoor cafeteria
Access to utilities and maintenance services
Access to conference rooms (immediate booking through an online e-office system)
Mineral water supply
Security provided by an alarm and CCTV systems supported by access control systems
Access to phone booths, network printers and scanners
Chillout room to take a break in
Front desk services
Scanners access to a well equipped kitchen with water, coffee, tea and milk
Super-fast, redundant Internet connection
Daily office space cleaning