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The #cloudoffice services package is basically a “cloud office”. It combines the benefits dedicated to remote and office work, thanks to modern IT solutions. Now that working from home has become so much more popular, it was necessary to modify the working arrangements. #cloudoffice is meant to support businesses in managing their working arrangements flexibly, using modern IT solutions, while assisting in retaining the benefits from using your own office.

#cloudoffice makes it possible to combine effective work from the office and from home, support its management and make sure that the technical needs of the distributed team are fulfilled. With #cloudoffice the team has constant access to an internal company network and shared resources: documents, photos, videos, spreadsheets and other files. The Loftmill technical support team takes care of stable operation of the IT and cloud infrastructure in the redundant network, as well as of the quality of the network connections. Permanent access to Loftmill office space allows the team members to decide which working arrangement best suits them – work at the office and the conveniences that comes with it or remote work.

Benefits of #cloudoffice 

The #cloudoffice package provides our customers with various benefits, supporting numerous areas of business operation. It offers:

  • ready to use serviced offices, offering employees not only office premises, but also access to conference rooms, cafeterias, kitchens and lounge zones,
  • space available for customer devices in secure and equipped server rooms operated by Loftmill, 
  • VPN network dedicated to the employees of your company, tailored to their needs,
  • an efficient Internet connection, meeting the needs of the most demanding customers,
  • 24-hour IT assistance, providing help and taking care of the infrastructure, server room and VPN network,
  • additional office space, available immediately upon the customer’s request.

The #cloudoffice package also includes club cards that allow to use any Loftmill chain offices at various cities in Poland.

Reliable network and comfortable offices

The hybrid work arrangement has gained much popularity during the pandemic. It involves dividing the team into two parts, one of which works from the office, while the other works remotely, e.g. from home. Many companies also introduced an arrangement where employees alternate between using the office and working from home.

The #cloudoffice package is perfect for such circumstances. It brings your distributed team together in real time without compromising efficiency. The company still uses its own separate office, but it may restrict space to the necessary minimum. All employees may still use the office.

Office tenants can use our professional server rooms that offer space for their equipment. We also provide a VPN – a tool that allows sending data in a separate private network between the sender and the recipient over the public network. “Tunnels” allow customer devices in various locations to securely work in the customer’s company network.

To sum up, as part of #cloudoffice distributed teams have access to the company assets and work effectively, using the internal network. High capacity of the redundant uplinks allows for efficient work, while the IT support department, available 24 hours a day, ensures that everything is working smoothly.

The #cloudoffice service is mostly used by design offices, financial advisory services, accounting offices, software houses, IT, e-commerce and web development companies, editorial offices, advertising and PR agencies, media houses, advisory companies, startups and many others. Check out our offer.


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