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Design has entered the office spaces. Until recently, such spaces were thought of as conservative and unoffensively bland. Modern flex offices bravely mix colors, materials and shapes, while natural materials, primarily wood, have been popular for several years. These are the works of Bartłomiej Mazur, the founder of wood letters, whose hand-made works decorate our serviced offices. A PepsiCo neon, 250 per 100 centimeters in size, is hanging on one of the walls in Fabryczna Office Park. Soon another wooden work of art will decorate the walls of Stara Drukarnia in Łódź.

Loftmill: How did you come up with your idea for business and for life?

Bartłomiej Mazur: Quite spontaneously, without long deliberations and planning. I once brough an old bandsaw to Kraków, as I wanted to do some DIY. I put it in the kitchen of my leased tenement apartment. When a friend invited us to the opening of a new creative space, since he has some Czech roots, I decided to make wooden letters for him saying “knedliky”. Everyone liked them so much that I started next projects, most often as gifts; the thought of making a living out of it appeared later. I’m very grateful to everyone who helped me spread my wings. Most importantly, I use every opportunity to appreciate the fact that my wife agreed to have a sculpting workshop in our kitchen. Apparently, sawdust soup is not that bad 😉

Do you have a list of your completed works? How many wooden letters have you made so far?   

B.M.: I have two lists: the first includes photographs of my works, almost a thousand of them. The second list includes printed designs for the completed orders.

What was your strangest order?

B.M.: There’s a couple of such orders, but the absolutely strangest one was a rocking horse made for friends from the event industry. It was life-sized, all made of wood, with real reigns and saddle, and most importantly, it really rocked. The sculpture was especially important for me, since I made it with may dad, a sculptor. It was an extraordinary experience and an original work.

The word “art” comes to mind when looking at your letters. Is it a fulfilment of your artistic passion?

B.M.: I’m not a big fan of the word “art”. Maybe because I don’t have any education in arts? I prefer the word “craft” or “creative work” 🙂 My wooden letters make me feel fulfilled and happy.

Which material (type of wood) do you like working with most and why?

B.M.: My favorite material is hard wood: oak and ash. What I like best is the “grain” of the walnut, especially when it shows its color under the wax or varnish.

And what is the most challenging part of your work? What are the challenges that you have to overcome every day and find it satisfying?

B.M.: The most difficult thing? Doing business in Poland 🙂 But, to be serious, it is combining the creative work with family life. Letters are very work- and time-consuming. And to answer the second question – I love the reactions of my customers. They enjoy them the most.

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