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We all insure our cars, houses, employees and ourselves. Do you have a solution to ensure the continuity of your business during an emergency? Fire, power failure, flooding, flood, some of your employees getting infected with a contagious disease – these are all potential scenarios. What will you do if your company is not able to operate as normal at its present office? How to deal with impeded work on projects and with the business no longer bringing profit?

We created the emergency office service with precisely these circumstances in mind. Serviced offices are the best form of rent, well suited to such situations.

What to do when the company is affected by a fire or a virus?

If there is an infectious outbreak at the company or it suffers from another emergency, e.g. a fire, flooding or power failure, it will be necessary to quickly move the team to the backup office. It should allow for immediate access to equipment, network infrastructure and a telephone line. A flex office operator makes this possible. Consequently, the increasing popularity of such services does not come as a surprise.

Interest in “emergency” offices for lease from companies offering traditional lease of premises is on the rise. This does not surprise us, since the  flex office formula is the best protection during emergencies. It was tested numerous times during the pandemic. When the business experienced cases of infection, some of the team members could be relocated to work at the external Loftmill office almost overnight. Additionally, the standard they offered was higher than that of typical  coworking spaces.

Costs security

Emergency office also brings about security of employment and cost optimization. The customer does not bear the costs of maintaining their own  emergency office space, IT specialists nor the emergency furniture and equipment. Additionally, the service is available almost right away, with the support of an office manager, reliable Internet connection and IT helpdesk. This allows the company to continue work after just a couple of hours and minimize the impacts of the emergency.

Support for remote workers

Increase in popularity of remote work also brought about increased interest in emergency office offer. We’ve seen a huge revival in popularity of flexible working environments. According to the JLL study “When home is the new office”, before the pandemic 42% of respondents had not worked remotely at all or just one day per month. The pandemic forced a revolutionary change in this area and many companies expect to permanently implement the hybrid arrangements. 

This, however, is connected with a number of challenges. The biggest one is access to large office spaces, necessary for team meetings or final stages of work that require larger groups of employees to be present in one place. Most companies will not need the traditional 7 days a week, 24 hours per day rent. Some of the tasks, however, will require teamwork to happen at offices with modern equipment. This is where the  emergency office shows its full potential.

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