Flexibility is the common denominator for all Loftmill services. We want to provide customers with solutions matched to their individual needs, tailored specifically to their businesses and the current market situation. To meet the expectations of the users, we added two types of club cards to our offer – FlexFreedom and FlexClub.

The first of them is dedicated to people using the Loftmill offices occasionally. The second is the solution for our regular customers and their teams. Both give access to a number of conveniences offered at Loftmill office spaces. See what you gain with our cards!

FlexFreedom – freedom of choice

The FlexFreedom card is dedicated to people who do not want to sign a lease agreement and do not have to use the office everyday. It is mostly used by freelances, sole proprietors, artist, trainers or NGOs. Anyone who occasionally needs stylish, quiet, comfortable and completely equipped workspaces will be satisfied with the FlexFreedom card.

Their holders may use, among other things, conference rooms with multimedia equipment, fast Internet connection, business-grade printers and scanners, kitchens, cafeterias, chill-out zones with game consoles or pool tables. Loftmill spaces are ideal for meetings with customers, business talks, team meetings and meetings with co-workers, webinars, trainings, presentations or simply for a day of quietly focusing on hard work.

The FlexFreedom card costs PLN 300 per month. It allows you to use most of the Loftmill offices in Kraków and Łódź, 5 times a month, between 9 am. and 5 pm. It will soon be available in other locations that we are currently working on – Bydgoszcz and Rzeszów.


The FlexClub card is dedicated to the regular tenants of Loftmill spaces. It allows you to use each of our offices located in Poland. Cardholders may make the cards available to each employees or any persons of their choice. FlexClub are ideally suited for hybrid teams, divided into people working at the office and working remotely, as well as those alternating between those two options.

Holders of club cards may use conference rooms, office equipment and multimedia devices, lounge zones and all the other conveniences. Remote employees may hold a meeting, presentation or training at the office at any time or just work there quietly. FlexClub card users may also use locations in other cities, e.g. when on a business trip or when they want to work quietly at a Loftmill location other than their regular one Such working arrangement gives more freedom to the employees. For example: a company using the space in one of the offices in Kraków may hire an employee in Łódź, where Loftmill also has its offices, and provide the employee with workspace standard as high as at its main office.

Importantly, regular Loftmill tenants may get the FlexClub cards free of charge. Both cards are available at all our locations. Our hotline operators will answer any questions.

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